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What Kind of a Day Has It Been?

Some Snaps from My mums party!

So i’m back in the UK atm visiting family, got to snap my 2 favourite girls with my new camera

(Source: fifthharmony, via cemawe)


Roll on July 10th, im finally doing it, me and sam are hiring a campervan and we’re hitting the road for a week! Adventure Time!

This is Alex Kukumba, He’s the security for my building and is easily one of my most favoured humans ever. Absolute top boy!

My use of memes in texts sure does make me laugh..

Kudos to paisley on figuring out my upcoming plan though…

Tonight in America sees the end of what has been easily one of my favourite TV Shows ever, I’d easily put this up there with friends and I’ll be sad to watch the end tomorrow! (Big up downloads)

This show has travelled with my growing into adulthood and it’s been cool to have that constant there whilst things went from great to bad to amazing.

Not only that I swore I went through each of the characters, I started off as Marshall, took a turn as a Barney and ended up as a Ted.

Incredible writing, extremely clever nostalgia trips and twists planned years in advance it’s done nothing but amaze me. Tara HIMYM, I’m off to start you again on netflix!


Yeah.. I’ve sort of fallen in love with it…



New camera is here, I literally have no idea how to use it properly but ive got myself an e-book and some classes to learn how.. For now auto mode and the odd dip of the toe into manual will do.. Time to go explore and capture some of the world!

So… I got some turtles

Fuji x100s

I’ve got a Fuji x100s coming out to me for the end of next week, i’ve gotten into photography and street photography a lot recently.. I’m gonna explore a bit with it and see where i go..

Hopefully i’ll get some great shots!

Yeah im feeling this for sure.

Noah Gundersen - Poor Mans Son

Cannot stop listening to this.. It’s incredible…